Top Mileage Tracking Apps for Your Mobile Phones

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The days of tracking your vehicle mileage with pen and paper are over. With a plethora of mobile apps to help you with vehicle mileage reimbursements and tax deductions, the tedium of record keeping is coming to a steady halt. You can use these affordable mobile apps to do most of the work for you if you’re a contractor, own a small business, or a large business even. Check out my list of top mobile mileage tracking apps for the Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, and BlackBerry. If you have some that you really like, please share.

Mileage Tracking Apps for Android

mileage tracker app android
Mileage Tracker records your mileage for business and personal use. Some neat features include multiple vehicles, accounts, and mileage that can be added, charts and diagrams are readily made, database backup is available, and you can also export your data to email.
Price: $1.99

acar - android mileage tracking app
aCar does it all – tracks and manages your multiple vehicles’ maintenance, fill-ups, fuel mileage, general vehicle expenses, and business trip mileage. This mileage Android app has a plethora of features and oodles of data to go with it.
Price: FREE

Mileage Tracking App for iPhone

trip cubby mileage log - free mileage tracker
Trip Cubby Mileage Log has some great features worth mentioning including the predictive text fields and data entry shortcuts to make inputting info as quick and painless as possible.  The mobile app also allows for mass record editing, and custom deduction categories.
Price: FREE and $4.99

Mileage Tracking App for Windows Phone 7

travelog - mileage app for windows phone 7
Travelog is a simple mileage tracking app for quick on the go data input.  It provides a one touch shortcut for return trips and allows you to input partial info that can be saved and completed later.
Price: $2.99

Mileage Tracking App for BlackBerry

timr - mileage app for blackberry
Timr – Time and Mileage Tracker tracks not only your vehicle mileage, but your work and project times as well. It offers an API so you can integrate this mileage tracking app to your company’s existing infrastructure. You can choose from the free version that’s available for only one user to the paid enterprise version.
Price: Free to Enterprise

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